Accounting Software vs ERP

Accounting Software vs ERP

There is a wide variety of accounting software in the market making it to differentiate between a software that supports solely accounting functions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The confusion becomes profound when business owners realise that there are third party applications that can perform accounting functions which are not necessarily an ERP solution.

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Sales Management and Order Processing

Accounting Software – Sales Management and Order processing options are some of the missing provisions for those who depend on accounting software.

ERP – Part of the core provisions for ERP include Sales Management and Order Processing. There is also a myriad of functions within the sales management modules such as promotional pricing, management of complex orders, kitting and inventory allocation, customer order management and shipping.

Lead Management

Accounting Software – It is not possible to manage leads using accounting software because the solution only initiates interactions with existing customers and those who has made a purchase. Other than that, leads and potential suspects have no place in the solution.

ERP – The ability to track leads is made possible with ERP because it usually comes with a CRM module that allow users to identify campaigns that general leads, track emails and also provide up to date information on each lead.

Manufacturing Functions

Accounting Software – Acquiring necessary software for production or light manufacturing for companies that has the need for it will not be possible with this solution, as most of these solutions do not have any manufacturing functionalities.

ERP – The availability of manufacturing functionalities enables tracking of stock levels, availability of resources, deliveries, customer orders, requisitions and more.

If you would like to know more about the difference between a basic accounting software versus the Enterprise Resource Planning software, do contact us and we will be happy to share with you more information on this.

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