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Business Intelligence Trends for 2019

Business Intelligence Trends for 2019

Business intelligence trends for 2019 is outlined as below:

Data Quality Management

The development of business intelligence to analyse and extract value from the countless sources of data has also brought along errors and low quality reports, disparity of data sources and data types. It is important to gather as much data as possible but also to ensure the integrity, quality and context of the data that will be used for further interpretation.

business intelligence trends

Data Discovery

An essential element in business intelligence is in the data discovery tools that depends on a process and the generated findings will bring business value. Using data visualisation tools to perform advanced analytics and to create a sustainable decision making process. Data discovery trend will find increment in the coming years as human process visual data better.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Tools

Predictive and prescriptive analytics are the most discussed analytics trends among the BI professionals, especially since big data is becoming the main focus of analytics processes that is leveraged by both small and large businesses. Predictive analytics is an extension of data mining which includes estimated future data. Industries harness predictive analytics in different ways which is shaping our world, changing buying experience and managing customer data.

Being data-driven is no longer an ideal but it is an expectation of the modern business world. If you are ready to start our business intelligence journey, speak to us about Solver BI360.


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