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Craving for Digital Experiences in Customer Service

Craving for Digital Experiences in Customer Service

Customers want to interact digitally and have digital experiences in customer service with businesses through social media and mobile devices in a recent Microsoft survey of over 1,000 U.S consumers. Business owners need to deliver on these digital experiences that the customers expect on top of the ability to acquire them through these digital methods.

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Below are ideas to have in mind when implementing digital experiences into your business:

1. Customers now crave for different ways to connect with businesses.

Digital channels and in-person communication are equally important to customers, with equal amount wanting in-person experiences and digital experiences which includes a website, social media and email. This affinity for digital represents a shift among consumers who prefer more traditional channels like postal mail, TV ads and print media. As companies move towards more of digital engagement, 85% says it is important for businesses to respond promptly.

2. Technology is a ubiquitous consideration across all generations in relation to businesses they frequent.

Technology decisions a business makes or don’t make can impact the ability to attract new customers and retain existing customers. 73% of customers say that it is important to access information about their interaction with a business online, which indicates the importance of a streamlined technology across interaction points.

3. Security safeguards are a business imperative as customers become increasingly comfortable sharing personal information.

Customers are very trusting in sharing information online with 46% surveyed respondents saying that they are likely to share personal information digitally. It is crucial to protect the information that customers provide as data breaches can result in permanent loss of business, as per half of the respondents saying that they are unlikely to do business again with a company that has been a victim of a data breach.

4. Technology holds potential to set your business apart from competition.

Many businesses don’t consider the impact of back office technology on attracting and retaining customers or how it can help meet evolving customer demands. Collaboration solutions like Dynamics 365 enable employees to share customer information and leverage on the collective intelligence to respond faster to customer issues.

Start with a complete audit of the ways you interact with your customers to understand what is working and what can be improved. Then evaluate the potential of technology tools like Dynamics 365 by speaking to our consultants to understand how this can help improve the overall customer experience for your business.

To know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact us.

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