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Holiday Season for Wholesale Distributors

Holiday Season for Wholesale Distributors

Holiday season for wholesale distributors can be a very crucial time as this is a golden opportunity to increase immediate sales and to also assist your customers (retailers) to plan and prepare for the expected increase in sales volume. This is also the perfect time to expand your customer base and build repeat business.

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5 Tips to Prepare For the Holiday Season for Wholesale Distributors

Preparation Is The Key

Retailers are going to be preparing in advance for the shopping season, so you want to also gear up your marketing planning and efforts much earlier to meet their needs and influence their decision for their holiday offerings. The sooner you get your planning ready and provide it to the retailers, the higher the chances for additional negotiation for more shelf space, marketing exposure and promotional opportunities.

How To Sell To Their Customers?

The holiday season is truly the time of the year for most retailers and thus if you are taking steps to make their life easier, it could make you their preferred vendor to go to. Provide them with materials that can help them to drive their marketing efforts to sell your products. Ideally provide them with samples (if its possible), complete product descriptions that is well written and informative, images and any other materials that can help them in their marketing. The value you provide is beyond the pricing and that would certainly make you stand out as a vendor.

Larger Volume Than Usual

Make sure you can meet the demands of larger volume than usual. One of the best way to predict or forecast the sales volume is to look at historical information – and one of the best way to do so is by using solutions like SAP Business One or Microsoft Dynamics 365. Business management solutions such as the above mentioned have all information housed in one location, enabling you to slice and dice the data to make smarter inventory decisions. Speak to us if you’d like to know more.

Scope Out Your Competition

Be fully aware of your competitors, how they are positioning themselves with their offering and marketing so that you can tailor your efforts to stand out. Look also for opportunities where your competitors are not utilising so that you can expand into those areas. Anticipate where your competition is and be willing to change your strategy to remain on top!

Attract and Nurture New Customers (Retailers)

Retailers will be looking for new products and new sources of revenue – so this is the perfect time to attract and nurture new customers so that they can potentially become your long term customers.

If you would like to utilise the strength of a business management solution to prepare your business for the holiday season, drop us a note.

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