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IT Automation to Compete with Larger Rivals

IT Automation to Compete with Larger Rivals

IT automation can help smaller companies to compete with larger rivals. Automation is the onset of the digital revolution across sectors and industries and is quickly transforming the way companies operate, boosting productivity and innovation in the fields. It is a critical tool for small businesses that want to grow and increase profits, but can be costly to set up. Subscription-based cloud automation tools are making it easier for smaller companies with smaller budget to adopt these automation tools.

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IT automation is a critical element for small and medium-sized businesses to catch up with their larger competitors. Adopting modern business management tools that utilises artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics improves planning and forecasting. Tools like these gives businesses an opportunity to understand the market better and uncover new business opportunities. ERP solution is an example of an automation tool that can give smaller business an edge over their competitors. ERP covers a wide variety of functions such as finance, customer service, sales, inventory, warehouse and manufacturing. This means a seamless flow of information that automates workflow and processes, improves efficiency and accuracy, and reduces the need for manual data entry.

Businesses should identify the areas of work that can benefit from automation as it increases productivity, improves data accuracy and reduces the need for manual labour. Manual data entry that is prone to errors and slows down workflow can be automated with an ERP solution. A query-based reporting solution can replace manual report preparation. Manual inventory counting can be replaced with a inventory management solution. The manpower that is no longer needed for these manual work can be re-assigned to high. Below are four major benefits we have identified that benefits most businesses that adopt IT automation.

Major benefits of automation for small and midsized businesses

1. Cost Reduction

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to save money. One of the best way to reduce cost is with IT automation. Automation lowers operating cost which also directly impacts profitability.

2. Increase Productivity

IT automation is not all about cost. Manual processes which are prone to human error can also be reduced or eliminated. An automated system makes it easier to keep up with an ever-changing environment and improves productivity across the business.

3. Reliability and Availability

Automated operations allow businesses to be able to rely on tasks to be completed without the need for manual intervention. Once the job is programmed as such, you can be assured that the task will be performed according to the criteria set.

4. Data Integrity

Automation of data input eliminates the need for manual input that is time-consuming and error-prone. Fewer people in the process leads to better data integrity which is crucial for data-driven decision making.

For more information on how IT automation can work for your business, contact us for a discussion.

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