A unified commerce solution for retail and hospitality that work seamlessly across front and back end, allowing you to track productivity in real-time.

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LS Central

LS Central – Retail Management Solution

LS Central is a unified commerce solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that covers Point-of-Sales (POS), mobile, store systems, inventory, merchandising, e-commerce as well as headquarters back-office functions; allowing you to react fast and effectively when circumstances change, minimising risk and maximising profits. All information is kept in one system so you can track information in real-time.

LS Central Functionalities

Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale

Extend your POS terminal so that your employees can view up-to-date inventory, check product details, deliver personalized services, access product recommendations and more.

Product Management


Manage and update product prices and offers across all your sales channels so that you can make accurate procurement decisions.

Inventory Management


Manage your stock optimally, minimizing inventory while reducing out of stock situations with a mix of manual and replenishment tools.

Staff Management


Maximize staff productivity and satisfaction with a systematic way to plan and distribute staff rosters, overview of timetabling and budget planning. You can also have total control over staffing cost and access all information for ease of planning.

Reporting & Analysis

& Analysis

LS Central provides you with an overview of business performance in real time – so you can analyse your sale by location, track and crunch data, track KPIs and access a full range of analytic and reporting capabilities.

Mobile & E-Commerce

& E-Commerce

Deliver a consistent shopping experience throughout your sales channel with all your items, prices, promotion and stock availability being seamlessly synced with your choice of ecommerce platform.

Benefits of LS Central

Empower Employees To Do Their Job Effectively

Empower Employees To Do Their Job Effectively

  • Provide customers with detailed information, make the sale and perform inventory task within the store.
  • Engage with new customers and assist them in discovering and purchasing items with conversational commerce tools.
  • Upsell and cross sell at POS with AI-powered product recommendations
  • Employees can perform different functions across departments with the same system & interface used across front and back store.
Open New Opportunities

Open New Opportunities

  • Reduce manual task and human-errors related to it with automation.
  • Make informed decisions with real time business data.
  • 360 degrees view of the business with one centralised platform.
  • IT cost savings with only one centralised system to maintain.
  • Choice of on-premise, on cloud or hybrid – depending on your preference.
Delighting The Customers

Delighting The Customers

  • Consistent customer engagement – maintaining consistent look and feel no matter the channel.
  • Deliver relevant and personalised offers and recommendations throughout all touchpoints.
  • Run loyalty programs that reward customers across channels.
  • Provide customers with ability to engage and purchase items via multiple channels.
Global players & local needs in retail and hospitality

Global players & local needs in retail and hospitality

  • System can be configured to comply with different legal and fiscal requirements in the country of choice.
  • HQ have access of the performance of each location and/or by country.
  • Central management of pricing, item, campaigns, offers and promotions for better control.
  • Unified business processes and workflows across different channel, industries and countries.

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LS Central

Read more about LS Central – the unified commerce solution that provide you with all the features your industry needs and is easily customisable to meet your business specific needs.

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