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Opportunities Trapped in Legacy Systems

Opportunities Trapped in Legacy Systems

The use of legacy systems may not be by choice as there may be situations that are preventing the change to a newer solution. As the old saying goes “Don’t change anything until it is broken”. While the above saying is true, legacy systems can be one of the most significant causes of slowing down your business growth.

opportunities trapped in legacy system

Lost opportunities from using legacy systems.

Disconnected Roadmaps

Disconnected data can negatively impact your organisation’s ability to innovate, develop new products and services, and launch them to the market in a timely manner. Siloed data makes it difficult to analyse customer’s purchasing behavior and trends. Conversely, an integrated modern ERP solution makes data easily accessible for better decision=making.

Inability to Engage Effectively with Customers

It is almost impossible to engage and support customers proactively without access to the right information. Newer ERP solutions come with integrated information across departments and drill-down capabilities that allow team members to personalise your interactions with each customer.

Lack of Analysis

Data in legacy systems may not be readily and easily available. Business owners may not have access to the right information to make business decisions. Team members would also not be able to use historical data to make a better forecast. Your organisation may be missing out on opportunities from the data you have gathered throughout the years.

Ineffective Use of Resources

Staff members need to spend a lot of time to search, acquire, and enter data from a legacy system to a working solution. Valuable time are taken away to do simple data sourcing tasks. Modern ERP solutions are equipped with query tools, reports and dashboards that may only require a few push buttons to get the information you need.

Security & Privacy of Data

Manually exporting and importing data can result in security and privacy risk as these are potential loopholes for security violation. There is also a question of data integrity as there can be errors or data loss during the process of moving or integrating data. There may be a need to cross-check or verify the data, which is time-consuming and unproductive.

Unleashing Opportunities In Your Business

There may be opportunities trapped in your legacy systems that is preventing your business from achieving its maximum potential. Select a business solution that will be able to support your data workflow so that you can save time and resources.

If you have a legacy system and would like to unveil the hidden opportunities in your legacy system, speak to us, and we will be happy to assist.


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