Brochure : Solver BI360 Introduction

solver bi 360 introduction

Solver BI360 Introduction brochure provides a brief overview of Solver BI360 as a preferred business intelligence tool that works seamlessly with popular ERP solutions like SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Solver BI360 is the ideal enterprise intelligence platform for better and faster decision making for strategy, forecast, budgets, reports and analysis.

Brochure : Solver BI360 Solution

reinvent business productivity

Solver BI360 brochure provides detailed information on BI360 business intelligence tool and its features. BI360 is a complete, modern web interface which will give organisations the ideal enterprise intelligence platform for better and faster decision making for strategy, forecast, budgets, reports and analysis.

eBook : Reinvent Business Productivity

reinvent business productivity

Reinvent Business Productivity eBook explores how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates with Office 365 to connect business processes and personal productivity, bringing insight and efficiency to your daily tasks.

Workbook : Beyond The Basics

beyond the basics workbook

Beyond The Basics workbook helps business owners to capitalise on changes that is beginning to threaten productivity and turn it into competitive advanced that builds towards future success.

Brochure : Beyond The Basics

beyond the basics

Beyond The Basics brochure examines the need of businesses as they outgrow the basic accounting software. Your accounting software needs to serve the business you've built and the one you strive to be.

Brochure : 10 Reasons SME Choose SAP

10 Reasons SME Choose SAP

10 Reasons SME Choose SAP brochures highlights why SAP Business One solution is the preferred choice for many SMEs around the world. MicroChannel as a local partner in Singapore provide localised solutions that meets local requirements while providing the same robust business solution./p>

Brochure : Digital Transformation for SMB

digital transformation for SMB

Digital transformation for SMB brochure highlights the explosion of business data, proliferation and connectivity of powerful computers and smart devices and growing sophistication of software applications and cloud-based services. Explore how SAP Business One and how it is fuelling digital and business transformation initiatives across the SMB landscape.

Brochure : Reimagine Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics

reimagine productivity

Reimagine productivity with the use of Microsoft Dynamics that is designed to help you get up and running quickly and help you to grow efficiently as your needs change. With today's modern applications in the cloud such as Dynamics 365, the rewards include increase efficiency, enterprise-grade security and increased mobility.

Brochure : Customer Centricity & Bottom Line Benefits

customer centricity

The rapid advancement of technology has impacted the retail industry by leaps and bounds and has made customer centricity more important than ever. The internet has opened up new markets to businesses as well as their competitors and budding new businesses. This ebook takes a closer look at the trends impacting the retail industry and how customer centricity affects the bottom line benefits.

Brochure : Guide For Replacing Accounting Software

guide for replacing accounting software

This guide outlines the benefits of a modern technology platform, the advantages of a cloud-based solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the right questions to ask when evaluating the business management solution.

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