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Business Management System For Small and Midsize Businesses

SAP Business One streamline your processes covering accounting, inventory, sales, services and operations, so you have the agility to create new growth opportunities for your business.

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Growth made simple with SAP Business One

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SAP Business One is a full-featured business management solution priced for SMBs that allows you to operate the entire company from one centralised platform.

Covering financial, customer service, sales, inventory, purchasing, supply chain, and operations, SAP B1 is a highly scalable software that grows with you as your business expands.

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SAP Business One ERP

Used by over 65,000 customers worldwide in 170 countries, in 50 localized versions and in 28 languages, SAP Business One is the preferred enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for businesses worldwide.

SAP Business One Modules

Comprehensive features and functionalities to support your business needs and growth.

  • Accounting and Financial Management

    SAP Business One provides a complete set of tools to operate, streamline, and automate finance functions. The solution integrates accounting, sales, and purchasing information while automates mundane accounting tasks such as maintaining ledgers and journal entries.

    With this ERP system, you can now drive fast and reliable month-end processes to improve margins, reduce errors, and make data-driven decisions.

    accounting and financial management

    Automate the handling of all key accounting processes such as journal entries, accounts receivables, and accounts payable.


    Supervise cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets, and monitor project costs with greater accuracy and efficiency.

    Fixed Asset

    Simplify the administration of your fixed assets with a virtual function, eliminating the need for repetitive manual data entry.

    Banking & Reconciliation

    Process reconciliations, bank statements, and payments faster through various methods including checks, cash, and bank transfers.

    Financial Reporting & Analysis

    Create standard or customised reports from real-time data to improve your business planning and audit review processes.

  • Sales and Customer Management

    Convert more prospects, keep customers satisfied, and maximise revenue with an integrated CRM tool that supports all business activities: from managing campaigns and tracking leads to administering after-sales support.

    With this solution, you can now efficiently manage your task and information throughout the different stages of the sales cycle. All activities can be recorded, and reminders can be set and synchronized with your schedule in Microsoft Outlook.

    sap business one customer management or crm
    Sales and Opportunity Management

    Track all sales opportunities and lead activities throughout the sales cycle, ensuring that you have a good grasp on every opportunity.

    Marketing Campaign Management

    Create, manage, and analyse all marketing campaigns and activities for leads, prospects, and customers to grow sales and increase profitability.

    Customer Management

    SAP Business One is the central storage of all critical customer information so that every department can share & work on the same information.

    Service Management

    Craft and manage warranty contracts and service agreements efficiently and enter and respond to service calls quickly.

    Reporting & Analysis

    With this solution, you can create and design detailed reports so that you can use this information for improved decision making..

  • Warehouse & Production Management

    Manage inventory across multiple warehouses in real-time and maintain cost-effective production. Track and record stock movements, optimise inventory levels, and improve on-time delivery.

    This business management solution allows you to plan material requirements for manufacturing and procurement based on existing inventory levels, demand, and supply. You will also be able to manage forecast better, create and maintain production orders and Bill of Materials (BOM) and generate reports for analysis.

    sap business one warehouse and production
    Warehouse and Inventory Management

    Manage inventory using various costing models, maintain item master data, and use multiple units of measurements and pricing.

    Goods Receipt and Control

    Record goods receipt and issues, track stock transfers, enable consignments, and perform inventory management.

    Production & Materials Requirement Planning

    Maintain multi-level BOMs (Bill of Material), issue, and release production orders from the information in the BOM.

    Reporting & Analysis

    Generate reports with regularly refreshed data and display them in various report formats and dashboards.

  • Purchasing and Procurement

    Optimise the entire purchasing workflow, covering order creation, vendor selection, invoicing, and payment. Obtain real-time inventory updates, valuation, and tracking.

    This solution lets businesses manage procurement effectively with an integrated procurement management module and best practices for purchasing and cost control.

    sap business one procurement
    Procurement Management

    Manage the procurement processes such as requisition requests, purchase orders, and return management. Improve audit by matching documents and handling multiple currencies.

    Warehouse Integration

    Synchronise goods receipt and inventory levels to enable purchase planning & forecasting.

    Master Data Management

    Centralise purchasing process and manage the account balances, analyse purchases while maintaining all information in one single source.

    Accounts Payable

    Optimise your supply-chain relationships and lower your acquisition cost.

    Reporting and Analysis

    Generate integrated reports for better visualisation of data across departments and functions.

    Inventory Management

    Improve procurement with better forecasting of inventory.

  • Inventory and Distribution Management

    Obtain real-time data on incoming and outgoing shipments, evaluate inventory using tools such as FIFO, moving average, standard costing and other methods to audit stock levels and perform tracking.

    This solution provides the tools for you to manage the entire customer lifecycle – so that you understand your customer’s needs and ability to deliver excellent customer service. The solution also offers a powerful planning function to help you schedule and manage the production schedule.

    sap business one inventory
    Robust Item Management

    Manage your inventory by categorising them into groups, have item codes, SKUs, descriptions, and supplier’s catalogs all in one.

    Costing & Unit of Measurement

    Manage multiple units of measurements and costing models for the items in your warehouse and/or store.

    Good Receipt and Control

    Manage the record of goods receipt and issue; track stock transfers and enable consignment and order management.

    Batch & Lot Tracking

    Trace the different batches and lot in your inventory.

    Stock Taking

    Easily perform inventory and cycle count.

    Up To Date Reporting

    Generate reports with data that is updated to the minute and available in various formats and dashboards.

  • Reporting and Administration

    Create reports using drag and relate feature to click through to combine data to get complete visibility of business operations. Create management dashboards for custom KPIs.

    The solution also features a robust interactive analysis reporting tool that allows you to design and create detailed and comprehensive reports

    sap business one inventory
    Dashboards and Reports

    Create intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports to assist in decision making. Track revenues, sales opportunities, costs, cash flow, and take fast action.

    Real Time Analytics

    Access information faster and evaluate it with powerful analytics in real-time. Simplify data search and on-demand creation of reports. Use predictive analysis to improve overall decision making.


Grow Your Business Using Streamlined Operations

Obtain a complete view of your business from a single accurate source and enable users to access precise information needed to operate your company efficiently.

Respond In A Timely Manner To Customer Needs

The ability to analyse information from a single source allows better decision-making to meet evolving customer trends.

Eliminate Redundant Data Entry and Error

Increase efficiency across departments by integrating business processes and workflows. Eliminate repetitive data entry and human-prone errors.

Improve Customer Relationship and Engagement

Empower the sales team with real-time information to improve engagement with customers on-the-go.

Fast Implementation For Quick ROI

Help businesses get up and running quickly so that businesses can get results faster.

Automate Workflow & Processes with Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence allows businesses to take proactive measures with automatic alerts, workflows and responses to key events.

SAP Business One Cloud & SAP Business One On-Premise

SAP Business One can be deployed both on-premise and on Cloud. Choose either public or private cloud, on either MS SQL or HANA – depending on your requirements.

SAP Business One On-Premise

Software is installed, operated and modified by the customer or customer’s vendor. IT infrastructure is provided by the customer.

SAP Business One Public Cloud

SAP application is hosted on a public cloud like Azure. Software is provided as a service and updates are automatically applied with clearly defined configuration options and extension frameworks.

SAP Business One Private Cloud

SAP application is hosted on a private cloud, hosted by MicroChannel. Software is provided as a service by SAP. Update schedules and software modifications are agreed upon through partnership between customer and SAP.

Pro & Cons of On-Premise and Cloud

What is SAP HANA?

HANA is a high-performance in-memory computing platform that provides advanced anlaytics on multimodel data at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • On-premise or on Cloud hosted by MicroChannel
  • Live interactive reports created in seconds
  • Key business processes with enhanced performance
  • Scalable, so you can run your business on a single solution now and as your business grows and expands
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Awards & Recognition

MicroChannel has received numerous awards from SAP and we have been recognised at the local level and collectively across the industry.

SAP Business One Awards
2022 Awards
  • SAP ANZ Partner Excellence Awards SME 2022
2021 Awards
  • SAP Business One Partner of the Year – ANZ
2020 Awards
  • SAP Business One Partner of the Year – ANZ
2019 Awards
  • SAP Business One Partner of the Year – ANZ
2018 Awards
  • SAP Business One Partner of the Year – ANZ
  • SAP ANZ Partner Excellence Award for 2018
2017 Awards
  • SAP Business One Partner of the Year – ANZ
  • SAP ANZ Partner Award 2017 – Outstanding Performance
2016 Awards
  • Oustanding Performance in SAP Business One Award
  • SAP Business One Partner Of The Year – ANZ
  • SAP Business One Partner Of The Year – APJ
  • SAP APJ Partner Excellence Award

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SAP Success Story Book by MicroChannel

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SAP Success Story Book


Learn more about the solution by downloading the brochures and whitepapers.

SAP Business One Starter Pack

SAP Business One Starter Pack is an integrated business management solution for SMEs and SMBs to address your fundamental requirements such as finance, sales, inventory, purchasing, customer relationship, and inventory.

SAP Business One Starter Pack
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